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THE CIRCUMCISION HELPDESK is a not-for-profit publisher of medical educational material for the general public.

Our primary activity is providing accurate, medically approved, information about male circumcision and its benefits in terms of health, hygiene, self-image and sexual satisfaction.

Our publications include a guidance booklet for those considering circumcision for themselves or their sons, and leaflets answering some of the questions parents, men (including teenagers) and women have about the operation; as well as information about preparation and after-care. See the Publications pages for a complete list.

The Helpdesk acts as the sponsor of a web site for the International Circumcision Information Reference Centre (ICIRC), an online resource set up to provide correct information and to counter the myths, outright lies, half-truths and distortions with which anti-circumcision activists have flooded the web.

The Circumcision Helpdesk and ICIRC believe that parents have a right and duty to positively exercise their choice as to whether or not to have an infant son circumcised in the light of the available evidence regarding its medical benefits and potential risks; as well as its social and religious significance within their community.

Where parents choose not to circumcise their sons at birth we believe they have a duty to provide them with the information to make their own decision when they reach their teens. We hope that our publications will aid them in carrying out this duty.

We also believe that doctors have a duty to make circumcision readily and affordably available to those parents and men who request it, without judgementally questioning their motives.

To assist those who have decided upon a circumcision for themselves or their sons we publish a list of doctors, clinics, etc whom they can approach for the operation.