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Foreskin Problems

and the answer to them

FOR-EN Booklet

Many parents, teens, adult men and even some doctors do not appreciate that a foreskin can cause significant problems at any stage of a male’s life and ignore the adage that ‘prevention is better than cure’ which they usually apply to other medical problems.

Phimosis (tight foreskin) in infancy causes painful difficulty in urinating with serious risk to the bladder and kidneys.

In the teen it prevents proper daily hygiene, resulting in obnoxious odours and may lead to painful infections.

The mature man may find phimosis or frenulum breve causing problems with intercourse, or masturbation, and even leading to cancer of the penis in old age.

This booklet aims to give an insight into these problems and the level of risk they pose. The answer to the problems is, of course, the simple external procedure of circumcision that can very easily be done at any age.

6 page A5 booklet.
Available in English only (Order Code: FOR-EN)

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