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Sex and Male Circumcision:

Benefits every woman needs to know about

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This leaflet, published by the Circumcision Academy of Australia, has been produced with the help of contributions from 17 acknowledged world-wide experts on circumcision under the lead of Emeritus Professor Brian Morris of Sydney University.

It describes, with the aid of some simple diagrams, what male circumcision is; and why women should be concerned about circumcision for their lovers, husbands and sons.

Further paragraphs explain the benefits of male circumcision in reducing the risk of their female partners acquiring a range of sexually transmitted infections.

The benefits for men and boys are briefly outlined and reference made to a separate leaflet which gives the benefits in greater detail.

Against these significant benefits are set out the minor risks with the conclusion that male circumcision provides a substantial benefit to public health and the individual well-being of women.

6 page 1/3 A4 leaflet.
Available in English (Order Code: GFW-EN)
and Spanish (Order Code: GFW-ES)

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