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Circumcision: A Guide to a Decision

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This booklet, by a distinguished surgeon who had made a lifetime study of circumcision and man's desire for it, is written for both the adult male who is considering circumcision for himself and for parents thinking about it for their sons.

Starting from a description of the normal foreskin, the author takes us through when circumcision is essential, desirable and optional. He then covers the few disadvantages and contra-indications before discussing the best ages at which to circumcise. The booklet continues with descriptions of common penis problems affecting the foreskin and frenulum, and ends with the author's personal observations from years of medical practice.

20 A5 booklet.
Available in English (Order Code: GTD-EN)
French (Order Code: GTD-FR) (24 pages)
Hungarian (Order Code: GTD-HU)
and Spanish (Order Code: GTD-ES)

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