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These booklets lists doctors, clinics, hospitals and mohelim who have been reported to offer circumcision. Some only offer it for infants whilst others do so for adults only.  Also listed are some organisations which will refer enquirers to suitable practitioners.

All information has been obtained over a period of time from recommendations, the Internet, radio and press advertising, the Muslim directory and the Jewish Initiation Society register. The practitioners have not been approached directly to enquire about, or check on, their services and hence some may no longer be offering circumcision.

Readers are advised to note the contents of the Disclaimer and satisfy themselves regarding the proposed practitioner before going ahead with a circumcision.

The lists include only a sample of practitioners in the USA, where a circumcision is readily available from almost any Urologist or Plastic Surgeon, who can be easily found from the local Yellow Pages (or equivalent) directories.

Please note that, because of their size, booklets of more than 24 pages cannot be sent by e-mail. Readers desiring details of local circumcisers from the main listings should include their country and city/town when requesting details so that we can send them the relevant extracts.

The main List is in two parts, each an A5 booklet in English only:
United Kingdom & Eire (Order Code: LOC-UK) (52 pages)
Outside the United Kingdom (Order Code: LOC-RW) (52 pages)

Extract lists (A5 Booklets in English only) are also available for:
Australia and New Zealand (Order Code: LOC-ANZ) (16 pages)
Canada and the USA (Order Code: LOC-US) (16 pages)
Eire and Northern Ireland (Order Code: LOC-IRL) (8 pages)
Greater London and adjacent parts of the Home Counties (Order Code: LOC-GLH) (24 pages)

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