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A Boy's Guide to His Own Care
for a New Circumcision

A guide especially for parents to give to their newly circumcised 9-12 year old sons

POB-EN Booklet

This booklet, produced in conjunction with the Inter-Circ International Circumcision Forum, has been thoroughly checked for accuracy by our Medical Advisors.

Some boys, particularly 9-12 year olds are quite capable of doing at least some of their own care after a new circumcision. This booklet is intended as a general guide to what he should do and look out for during the healing process.

It is not intended that a boy should read this booklet without parental knowledge, but that parents should encourage him to participate in his own care and give him a copy of this booklet to aid him in this.

If your doctor has given you specific advice regarding the after-care of the circumcision then your son should follow his instructions where they differ from the advice in this booklet.

20 page A5 booklet.
Available in English Only (Order Code: POB-EN)

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